Crafting with cardboard

As a child, you'll probably remember building tiny forts, tents and cubby houses out of whatever you can find.

Pillows, blankets, tables and chairs, or cardboard packaging boxes from new fridges and TVs (back when TVs were huge!).

We would spend hours on end cutting, folding, sticking and decorating these mini homes, and after, even more hours pretend playing!

Sven and his brother playing in a cardboard box house

It made us feel safe, cosy and grown-up. We could be like our parents, favourite super-hero, a knight, warrior or princess. Pretty much whoever we wanted to be... and more!

Do you remember those adventures, filled with magic, wonder and endless fun?

I do!

That's me on the left in the pic above, with my brother on the right.

And I secretly want to go back to some of those times, even if just for a moment...

Fast Forward to Today

And you will find, the world has changed a lot since then!

The internet, computers, tablets and phones are some of the most significant changes, among many other things.

But children have stayed the same! Constantly pursuing adventure, curiosity and self-discovery, in search of that spark of magic and amazing worlds.

So since TVs no longer come in large square boxes and we don't buy fridges all that often, why not create a cardboard playhouse that's just as big and fun!?

But... let's make it easy to fold and pack away, so that children get to play with it over and over again without cluttering living rooms and floors.

And... better yet, let's make it interactive and life-like to spark young minds and introduce a little wonder. This will keep the little ones occupied for endless hours, without the need for the screens and digital stimulation we are all too used to.

This is how BODEY World was created!

The BODEY Colour-In Cardboard House living room with partial colour

A life size colour-in cardboard house for kids that is perfect for family time, play time and of course a little 'me' time 🙂

Meet Sven & Alicia

Alicia and Sven with their Bodey Cardboard House

Hey guys, this is us!

Alicia works in the child healthcare industry, loves kids and has a strong passion for cooking and the creative arts.

Sven is an engineer and loves mixing his engineering and design skills with childhood creativity.

Still a big kid at heart, he may or may not have made the door to the playhouse just big enough so he can fit inside. 😉

We both look forward to sharing with you the happiness of childhood every kid deserves, all the while helping busy parents nurture their children's minds through open-ended play!

Welcome to your BODEY experience, we hope you have fun!

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A Little Something Extra

Below is a little story you can share with your children on how their BODEY cubby came to be.

Great as a bed time story or just before they see the cubby house for the first time, you will be the hero to your kids!

"The noblest art is that of making others happy."
P.T. Barnum - American showman, businessman, author and philanthropist.

The Story of Sleepy and his Bodey Cubby

Once upon a time in a hot southern world, there was a little koala bear, named “Sleepy”, who got lost from his mother and family.

He spent days looking for them, stumbling through the forest, across the mountains and into the desert. He was lonely, hot and hungry.

Then one day, at the far horizon of the desert he saw an empty cardboard box and thought, 'that will give me some shelter!'

Over the coming months and into winter, he improved it and lived happily in his little house which he called "Bodey".

After a couple of months it became warmer and finally spring came with colourful flowers and blue sky. Sleepy thought, it would be nice to give his little Bodey some colours. So Sleepy started to paint some flowers and animals on to the walls of his house.

It looked so colourful and happy, that the word in the animal kingdom went around and many came to visit him. Everyone wanted a Bodey cubby like this!

In the end, the knowledge of a happy, colourful house also reached his mother, brothers and sisters over the mountains.

They came and visited him, and over time, they built a small village of Bodey cubby houses.

Together once again, Sleepy and his family lived happily ever after.

Written by H.F.P for his son Sven, at the beginning of his BODEY journey.

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by! I love building things, DIY projects, sports and the outdoors, as well as movies and books that ignite my imagination. Mixing my skills as an engineer with childhood creativity, I strive to create experiences for children that ignite their imaginations, bringing them to a world of endless possibility. This is the BODEY experience I hope to share with parents and their little ones.