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bo•dey ​(bow-di), of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘shelter' — A home for children's imaginations & self-expression

We make eco-friendly cardboard toys that encourage open-ended play.

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introducing adventure, wonder and a little spark of magic in your home...

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colour-in cardboard cubby house

$ 78
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Customer Reviews

Bodey Colour-In Cardboard Playhouse partially coloured


spark creativity & imagination

We've created a cardboard house that provides a natural and interactive play experience for your children.

Kids can colour, paint, draw, stick and pretend play, creating endless possibilities for unstructured and screen-free play.


one playhouse, many occasions

Helping busy parents on weekends, school holidays, birthday parties and sleepovers, our cardboard playhouse cures boredom through child-driven play.

A shared cubby play experience encourages social interaction, developing your child's sharing, communicating and cooperating skills.

Children ready to paint the Bodey cardboard cubby house

what people are saying...

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babyology australian parenting community

"This cubby house is the perfect screen-free solution to rainy day blues" … "They’ve come up with this ace cardboard colour-in cubby house that promises hours and hours of imaginative and creative kiddo play... fill it with cushions and blankets … perhaps a teddy or two … and let the kids run free!" read more...

bev ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ mernda, VIC

"The durability of the Bodey Playhouse is fantastic!! I have 3 toddlers and two under 11 and all loved playing with it... It’s been quite a few weeks now and even with rough toddlers it’s still standing strong! The twins loved drawing and colouring... assembly was so easy... Such a great gift idea too. We love it."

sally ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ make-a-wish australia

"We loved the colour in cubbies we ordered from Bodey...we were so impressed with the quality. We had the kids decorate and colour them in as part of a party and it was a huge hit. They are sturdy and adorable and the kids absolutely loved them. A big thank you to Sven and Alicia for all your help..."

A hand holding a green leaf represents care for the environment


taking care of the environment for our children

Our cubby house provides an eco-friendly world of interaction and fun for your children.

Made from 100% recycled materials, this cardboard toy completely avoids landfill throughout its entire life.


moments to yourself

Your children will be happily occupied in a world of make believe, providing you with some precious moments of me time.

Rest assured knowing you're providing a nurturing play experience for their minds, away from the digital stimulation of expensive phones and tablets.

A mum holding a cup of coffee enjoying her me time

perfect for weekends, rainy days and endless play

not to mention a little 'me' time 😉

the bodey experience

Strength Video ⬅️➡️ Assembly Video

strong, sturdy & portable

Strong cardboard and folding tabs in the roof, walls and floor maintain the house structure during rough and excited play.

The cubby house is light and portable, so you can re-claim your living space whenever you need.


120 day risk-free trial

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1.5× Money-Back Guarantee
guaranteed fun for the kids
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easy assembly & pack-up
simple push-fit tabs,
no tools required,
and folds back flat when not in use

BODEY Life Size Colour-In Cardboard Playhouse


bodey colour-in cardboard playhouse

$ 78
or 4 fortnightly payments of $19.50 withAfterpay More info
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Reviews

A cardboard cubby house for kids to colour, paint and draw on, creating a safe and cosy space for your precious ones.
Delivered flat-packed to your door, easy to assemble, designed to last and simple to fold-away when not in use.
Video Icon see the assembly video
House Icon features:
outside walls — various printed designs for colouring
inside walls — blank canvas for free drawing
fits — 3 pre-schoolers (3-5yrs) inside
Assembly Icon assembly instructions
Buy an experience, not just a toy.
Sorry, we are currently SOLD out!
Fast Shipping Icon$30
Rocket Icon3 to 5 Business Days
Package Box Icon84 x 82 x 5 cm
Weight Icon4.85kg
Assembled Size (cm): 120L × 90W × 110H
Material: Sturdy 3mm Eco-Friendly Cardboard, 100% Recycled
Outside Surface: Draw-able/Paint-able White Surface


The playhouse is made from stiff 3mm thick corrugated cardboard and the strength of the house comes from the push fit tabs in the roof, as well as the folding floor tabs. This makes the house like a sturdy cardboard box so the walls and roof keep their shape. We totally understand kids can get rough and excited when playing so the Bodey cardboard house is designed to last!

You can easily check-out the tabs we're talking about and get a feel for the strength of the house in our helpful Assembly Video. 🙂

Your purchase comes with easy to follow assembly instructions. Simple folds and tabs on the cardboard pieces will allow you to press fit the cubby house together.

No, as this product is made from recycled cardboard and does not contain a plastic coating on the surface. But, the playhouse is light and portable so you can easily pick it up and move it to back inside or undercover.

No worries! That's where our 1.5x Money Back Guarantee comes in, meaning you can purchase risk free. We guarantee fun for your child, or we'll refund your purchase price plus 50% more for your troubles! (See our Returns Policy for further information)

Don't worry, when fully assembled it is very easy and light to move around. You can also disassemble it in a matter of minutes and fold it flat into the packaging box.

5 Powerful Reasons Why the Experts Endorse Cubby House Play

There is certainly no doubt that children love playing in cubby houses!

But apart from the pure 'fun' factor, there are several strong reasons to introduce these eco-friendly playhouses to your kids.

Let's take a closer look at these...

A happy kid inside their Bodey cubby house

Strong Connection to a Personal Space

When your children have their own little kid's zone to go to at home, you'll discover some great benefits.

Kids will develop a connection to their cubby house space and grow with it as they add to it and make it their own.

Over time it will become their 'safe place', a personal area where they can open up and be themselves, helping to promote self-expression.

A kid inside their Bodey cardboard playhouse

This little retreat will allow them to spend time pretend playing and escaping to a world of endless possibilities.

And often, there will be some quiet moments where your child is deep in their own thoughts, discovering themselves and expanding their imagination.

Endless Imagination and Creativity

A colour-in cardboard playhouse, will provide your kids with countless hours of creative colouring on the outside, and on the inside, a blank canvas for limitless imagination.

Drawing, colouring, pretend play and games! Be whoever you want to be, and go whereever you want to go!

The opportunities for nurturing your children's creativity in a safe environment are incredibly valuable, and all this from just a simple play space.

Increasing Screen-Free Play

Learning how to use technology is essential in this day and age.

However, your children will have plenty of time to develop these skills through school and life in general, as screens are literally everywhere.

Why not then, explore the benefits of open-ended play at an early age away from the structure of digital devices!?

Screen-free play in their cardboard house will help your little ones grow the resilience and problem solving ability needed for them to thrive as an adult.

It will provide them with opportunities for hands on learning, shown to be one of the best ways for young minds to learn .

Regularly removing digital stimulation and encouraging child-driven play will help your kids broaden their minds and minimise those moments of "Mum, I'm bored!!!".

Social Interaction and Cooperation

A cubby house is a perfect way to promote social interaction with other kids, and sure to be a hit at birthday parties or sleepovers.

Your child will improve their communication and cooperation with others, learning to share, talk and discuss.

Children colouring in their Bodey cubby house with crayons

This will undoubtedly help them in their school life and beyond, providing some excellent lessons and helping them through those inevitable tough situations with others.

Precious Moments of Me Time

And we mustn't forget the benefits for you as well!

When your children are occupied for hours in self-driven play, you'll be able enjoy some free time to yourself.

Caring for yourself is important too, allowing you to relax and re-energise for whatever life (or children) throw at you next.

Take some time for your favourite hobby, read a book, watch TV or just simply do nothing for a bit.

Whatever it is, it will be well deserved!

A Worthwhile Investment

So with all these things considered, the Bodey Life Size Colour-In Cardboard House will be sure to entertain your children for hours on end, all the while developing their minds and keeping them active.

A worthy investment for the family and a great space to share for the kids.

Much better than a bunch of new plastic toys and so much cheaper than a tablet.

Happiness for your children, the environment, and of course you!


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